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Namecheap Review:

Create a new website and need a cheap domain or hosting service provider? Our Namecheap review is here to help you.

Your website is your storefront, and your domain name hosting company is the foundation of your store. Domain name hosting provides the framework for your site’s address so that you can provide information to potential customers. So, welcome to our Namecheap review today.

Namecheap domain hosting company offers a total experience with fast speeds and reliable customer service.

You will understand why the study matters when you read the Namecheap review from 2022.

A modern entrepreneur needs a current website to reach their target audience. This includes domain name hosting services.

The Namecheap domain hosting company offers a variety of domain hosting and web hosting services. They also provide SSL certificates, which are essential for protecting your online business from potential cyber threats.

With its 24/7 customer support and numerous reliability features, Namecheap is the best domain name registrar to choose for your Business.

Namecheap has been in service since 2000 and has provided some of the most reliable services available on the internet.

The company today has 11 million customers, hosts over three million domain names, and grows this size day by day.

Compare Namecheap to Other Web Hosting Services: Namecheap Review

Although Namecheap is one of many website hosting services we chose, it isn’t the only one we discovered to like in terms of web hosting. We arrived at our decision after taking into account many different companies and after a few hours of research and testing.

We seek the best web hosting companies in order to supply you with top-of-the-line services.
The absence of Namecheap on our checklist doesn’t mean that Namecheap cannot meet your web hosting requirements.

Your choice of web host is unique to your requirements, and it might be a fantastic fit for Namecheap. To find out about it, you should read a lot more about Namecheap.

Namecheap Strengths and Weaknesses

Namecheap, which is quite affordable, provides you with many pros that can meet your needs. There are also disadvantages of the host, which may make it imprudent to set up. Check out the cons before making your decision whether Namecheap is worth your time and money.

Namecheap Strengths

Brand Company With Trust (Namecheap Review):

Namecheap is a company that provides domains and web hosting that offers domain name registration, cloud hosting, and other related services.

It has been in operation since 2000. Namecheap is the second-largest registrar globally, with over 11 million domains under management.

Free Domain and Migration:

If your website is hosted by a different company, but you’re not happy with the service, Namecheap makes it easy and inexpensive to switch to their hosting plans.

They’re so inexpensive, in fact, that they charge you absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s correct; Namecheap offers free transfer of your website to other hosting providers.

What they offer for free is a domain name when you buy a plan. This makes sense, given that they have lots of experience with domain names. We will do anything to get a freebie, particularly when it’s something we’ll actually use.

Supper Uptime:

There’s no doubt that 100% uptime is a must for websites. A high uptime percentage will save your website more time offline, meaning that your website will have more traffic. And the less of your site’s time it’s offline, the more customers you will lose.

We love Namecheap’s 100% uptime guarantee for those utilizing a hosting service from them. Even if we fail to succeed in meeting our guarantee, you’ll gladly get your money back.

Offering your clients reliability is a must in the hosting service industry, and this is why Namecheap has a company history of achieving 100% uptime.

There have been some very slight drops in the past, but nothing too serious and nothing that couldn’t go so close to the 100 percent mark. Currently, the uptime stands at 99.97 percent, which is pretty accurate.

And, hopefully, if Namecheap’s uptime is not up to par, they’ll be responsible for having to pay for it.

What a Great Basic Plan:

In the past, if you began looking for a web hosting service, you may have already seen that most service providers supply the most fundamental packages.

This is a remarkable starting point for new website owners, but if you are aiming to get a lot more out of your website’s hosting than simply a place to store it online, the basic packages may no longer satisfy your desires.

You will not have to wonder if the Namecheap name is synonymous with value once you do Business with them, as their products will cost a bit more than others sold for the same costs. Even when you’re on a budget, they are still well worth the cost.

Package Namecheap’s bare minimum plan gives you unmetered bandwidth, which is unusual and earned starting from the early stages of your website’s growth.

As a bonus, you will receive free SSL certificates this year as well, and Namecheap even furnishes a 1-year money-back guarantee.

We really appreciate not only your weekly backups but also your fast restoration. Be that as it may, other suppliers do not offer twice-weekly backups, so twice a month is a great auxiliary advantage.

Backups are fundamental since you never understand what might happen during a version update that might bring your website down.

But the site doesn’t stop there. You will also be 3 separate websites with one basic plan. The number of web hosting services with a single web hosting site is few and far between, and this is a significant improvement over that web hosting that most services are facilitating with their cheapest package.


If you’re planning to run both a business website and an individual site, this one feature will be of particular value to you.

You also get 50 MySQL databases and, on top of that, 50 email addresses. Most providers require you to pay extra for multiple addresses, so 50 is a big bonus.

And another thing: you can also get as many as 50 MySQL databases.

Decent Load Time 403 ms:

The reason it’s so crucial is that speed is directly associated with consumer satisfaction.

If a site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, there is almost a 100% likelihood the people taking the site will abort the mission and head elsewhere.

Google found that loading speeds are correlated with a 100 percent bounce rate. Thus, if your page load is greater than six seconds, people are more likely to bounce from your webpage.

As a result, it’s vital for your website to stay up and running. If your site goes down and people leave, it might as well go out of Business.

Namecheap has added an average of 403 milliseconds to each webpage it has published over the past 12 months, which means it gets a thumbs up from us.

Free domain privacy:

One of the greatest advantages of Namecheap is that it offers domain privacy absolutely free. Other choices, such as GoDaddy, provide a domain privacy add-on and an additional element you have to buy and renew periodically if you desire to maintain it.

Free Apps:

Namecheap has website building software that is both free and paid that you can utilize to achieve the success of your webpage, including logo development software, speed optimization applications, and applications that help you in forming an LLC.

Great Support:

Namecheap offers a live chat service or a ticket for tech support if you happen to find it difficult to complete certain site features.

Guides and Videos:

If you’re skilled in DIY projects, Namecheap frequently makes visual guides and instructional videos, as well as an extensive and detailed knowledge base.

Namecheap Weaknesses: Namecheap Review:

Renewal Rates:

More knowledgeable domain name owners are aware that the majority of domain name registrars have a tendency to increase their pricing following your initial registration is done. In this area, Namecheap is considered better than most, but it’s always best to be informed.

Domain Transfer Fees:

It is simple to transfer your domain registration over to Namecheap but incurs an extra charge depending on whether you have obtained a promotion code.

Namecheap Pricing (Namecheap Review)

It is easy to see that Namecheap stands out in its pricing category. One of the cheapest ways to satisfy your web-hosting and domain demands is with Namecheap.

Their most popular accessories are extensions:

  • .Com – $8.88 with a $12.98 renewal rate
  • .Net – $10.98 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .Org – $9.18 with a $14.98 renewal rate
  • .Io – $32.98 with a $34.98 renewal rate
  • .Co – $7.98 with a $25.98 renewal rate
  • .Ai – $58.98 with a $68.88 renewal rate
  • .Ca – $11.98 with a $13.98 renewal rate

A number of Namecheap packages will cost you just $0.99. This is the least you’ll ever pay for a Namecheap extension.

Take closer looks at GoDaddy or Bluehost, which provide domain registrars similar to Namecheap, and you’ll notice how Namecheap’s domain registrar prices are typically substantially lower.

For one thing, “cheap” is located in its name for a reason. Also, be sure to check out its web hosting prices.

Namecheap Review Shared Hosting:

We’re very pleased with the Namecheap shared hosting plans that they offer, which we now describe under the Namecheap, in keeping with the name they’ve put on them, which is quite excellent.

Namecheap truly lives up to its name with respect to the hosting plans they offer, being truly inexpensive when it comes to their cost.

  • Stellar – $1.88 a month
  • Stellar Plus – $2.98 a month
  • Stellar Business – $4.98 a month

The above are only a few additional features that come with all shared hosting accounts. A web host also provides free website creator, domain name registration, SSL certificate, SSL installation, cPanel configuration, email service, and 24-hour support.

Namecheap Review Reseller Hosting

Making some passive earnings with the help of a reseller hosting plan is a great method. You can purchase, at Namecheap, a reseller plan to get off the ground with it. Then you can sell your plans to individuals that you know, like this colleague or friend.

  • Nebula – $17.88 a month
  • Galaxy Expert – $36.88 a month
  • Universe Pro – $55.88 a month

Reseller web hosting made easier (WMH) is a web hosting service that offers server and domain management tools in cPanel, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains/subdomains, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Namecheap Review WordPress Hosting

  • EasyWP Starter – $4.88
  • EasyWP Turbo – $8.88
  • EasyWP Supersonic – $13.88

Each WordPress Hosting plan delivers these helpful features: 99.9 percent uptime, rapid page load times, simple backups and restores FTP and database access, and uncomplicated WordPress installation.

Namecheap Review VPS Hosting

  • Pulsar – $9.88 a month
  • Quasar – $17.88 a month

Even though Namecheap offers few hosting VPS plan choices, its two plans include full root access and root/OS preference, your choice of server management, best security standards, website transfer at no additional cost to you, and, of course, a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with its services.

Namecheap Review Dedicated Hosting

  • Xeon E3-1240 v3 – $56.88 a month
  • Xeon E-2236 – $78.88 a month
  • Dual AMD EPYC 7282 – $169.88 a month

Namecheap furnishes plenty of dedicated server options, and a few of those can be seen on this page. You can examine this listing to find out all its dedicated server plan selections, which an expert may rent out based on the amount of CPU, RAM, and cost needed.

Namecheap’s dedicated servers line has something for everyone, and it’s quite easy to understand the list of dedicated server options on this page.

To discover all of the dedicated server options available to you, be sure to browse the special page dedicated to these servers, where you can modify plans by choosing the amount of CPU you want, the total amount you can invest in servers, the amount of RAM, and more.

Namecheap’s shared hosting plans are among the cheapest in the market. This implies that even if you are only choosing its starter package, you are still very much managing your money.

The entry-level package begins at $1.58 per month, giving you the ability to host up to three online sites without restrictions on bandwidth and data protection.


You may also get free automatic SSL certificate installation, which cuts down on the setup author’s headaches.

Through prior experience working with domain name registrars, you’ll find that SSL certificate setup can be tediously difficult because of how complex and time-consuming the process can be.

If you’re looking for awards-minimalized shared hosting, I’d recommend its web design shared hosting and no award attributes, no cloud Stellar Business plan at $4.48 a month. After you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to:

  • 50 GB SSD
    Host unlimited websites
  • Automatic backups and cloud storage
  • A discounted .com domain name

Namecheap has by far the most budget-friendly shared hosting plan compared to any other hosting provider.

You can take a look at their offerings in greater detail by Going Here.

Comparing The Best Web Hosting Services

If you are contemplating Namecheap for your web hosting and learning the pros and cons of this service provider, it’s also critical to keep in mind there are other options.

Our informational article will help you learn more about the available alternatives. See the best web hosting services guide for more information.

  • A2 Hosting – Need for speed this web service for you
  • DreamHost – Need month-to-month plans try this
  • Bluehost – Best popular web hosting service
  • HostGator – Scaling on a budget try this webhost service
  • Hostinger – Best web hosting for most users
  • InMotion – Great VPS web hosting service
  • SiteGround – User Best for customer support

Wrap Up:

We’ve come to the end of our Namecheap Review. Namecheap’s affordable, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-manage domain names give it a secure positioning in the world of online organizations.

Its pricing model is also a big plus, thanks to competitive renewal rates. It’s got a special place in my heart as one of the best domain registrars, particularly for its unbeatable domain prices.

Let’s start by getting everything Namecheap has to offer

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