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If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you know how much I love Jasper ai for writing on my all blog.

If you want to try out this ai tool and are looking for ways to get it at the lowest cost possible, you should try out the Jasper ai lifetime deal I show you in this post.

What is the Jasper Ai lifetime deal?

The Jasper lifetime deal is that every year, forever, you can save between $108 – $1200, depending on the plan you choose.

It’s a 17% discount, for life, on your paid plan.


How can I get the Jasper.ai lifetime deal?

Just follow the steps below to activate your Jasper.ai lifetime deal.

Step 1: Go to the Jasper plans page.

Go to this page: Jasper Prices

You will see 3 plans, Starter, Boss Mode, and Business (details of this plan are listed below)

A monthly price is shown by default for every plan.

Starter: The Jarvis.ai Starter plan is the most affordable and low-cost plan among all plans.

It costs $29 per month with a limit of 20,000 words.

It comes with over 50 AI Copywriting skills, unlimited user logins, an active Jarvis.ai Facebook community, and support in 25+ languages.

But in this plan, you are not allowed to write a full blog post or article. For beginners and writers with writer’s block, the Jasper.ai Starter plan is perfect. But we recommend if you are a beginner, then choose a limit of 35,000 words.

Boss Mode: The monthly price is $99

Jarvis.ai Boss Mode Plan is also affordable and gives you full access to write full blog posts or articles.

In other words, you can generate unlimited words.

With its long-form assistant, you can write stories, ebooks, blogs, etc.

Business: This is a custom price; please contact them, and they are told you a custom price.

Step 2: Click the "Bill Annually" link button above.

You will see the new prices on that page:

Starter: The monthly price is $40 instead of $49

Boss Mode: The monthly price is $82 instead of $99

Business: Again, this is a custom price; please contact them, and they are told you a custom price.

This means that with this Jasper lifetime deal,

Starter: Save $9 every month, so $108 every year, or if you select 20k words per month, you save $50 every month, so $600 every year

Boss Mode: Save $17 every month, so $204 every year, or if you select 50k words per month, you save $100 every month, so $1200 every year

Business: Again, this is a custom price; please contact them, and they are told you a custom price.

Here’s a quick summary

you can save hundreds of dollars every year!

Step 3: Click the "Start For Free" link baton above.

Click on the “Start For Free” button after choosing your plan.

The next step is to create a Jarvis Account using your name, email, and password. Your Google account can also be used to sign up.


Step 4: Please give your first and last name and email address, sign up, and Jasper.ai will send you a code for verification in your email. Go to your email and give the verification code.


Step 4: Next, it will ask you for information about your business. They can generate relevant content by filling out your company name and domain.

Step 5: The next screen will ask you how you intend to use Jarvis.ai. You can choose from three options: My Business, Agency Clients, or Personal Use. Jarvis can be used for personal purposes by selecting ‘Blog post or Website Content.’


Step 6: Your next step is to fill in your credit card details and click the Start trial button. You can cancel your subscription if you don’t find it useful.

That’s Ok.


Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed for a lifetime deal and got a 5 days Jasper Free trial or Jarvis 10,000 Words extra credit.

FAQ Related to Jasper AI Lifetime Deal

Is the Jasper ai lifetime deal really forever?

Yes, of course! 

As long as you keep using Jasper ai every year, your subscription will automatically get renewed with the Jasper ai lifetime discount of 17%. So you keep saving money every year.

Does Jasper.ai offer any free trial?

Yes, Jasper.ai’s plans indeed offer a 5-day trial with 10,000 words of credit. Take advantage of our special link to get a free 5-day trial of Jarvis.

To better understand this tool, you can try it risk-free.

Which Jasper plan should I choose?

As mentioned above, there are 3 plans: Starter, Boss Mode, and Business.

Jasper plans depend on the needs of your business.

Below is a comparison of the plans.

If you are a small blogger you could start with the Starter plan. It may be enough for your needs in the beginning.

But the Boss Mode plan may be better if you have a slightly bigger business with more sites or need content.

The biggest difference between these two plans is the monthly limit words and some extra options.

If you are the marketing head or you have a team of a big writers, the Business plan may be the best for you.

Can I cancel the Jasper ai lifetime deal at any time?

You can cancel your Jasper lifetime deal at any time.

This will stop the automatic renewal of your account every year.

However, your current subscription remains valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Warping Up:

The annual discount on Jasper is a lifetime offer that will really pay off for you.

Since I started using Jasper, my posts have moved up in rankings and many of them are on page 1 for good keywords.

You can find a lot of success too! And if you want to keep your costs low, you won’t find a deal as good as this Jasper ai lifetime deal.

Do you use Jasper? Does this lifetime offer sound exciting to you? I would appreciate it if you could comment below and please let me know what you think.

Jasper.ai is one of the best artificial intelligence tools that automatically generate high-converting copy and content for your marketing via email and other online channels.

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