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GetResponse Pricing:

GetResponse, an email management tool, enables you to proactively boost your relationships with essential leads by creating segmented campaigns and attractive messages.

You’re able to select from an assortment of options when picking your email marketing campaign. By comparing each program’s different features and pricing, the email marketing service, GetResponse will help your business provide valuable content for your customers. And, if you would like to take advantage of our GetResponse promotional codes, you will save even more.

In this detailed GetResponse pricing plan, I consider it one of the most recognizable email marketing software and study it in detail, examining all the GetResponse pricing pros and cons. Is it an option that provides what you require for your website…or should you choose something different?

GetResponse Pricing & Features:

GetResponse is an excellent value for money. But only when you choose the right GetResponse pricing plan.

Compared to other email tools on the market, GetResponse’s budget plans and features are significantly fairer.

In addition, the software provides a free trial, as most top performers do. Along these lines, GetResponse is arguably some of the leading campaign managers.

If you search for a platform to test the advanced features, you can try out Premium 30 Days free. You may choose any plan apart from the paying subscription, and you don’t need to enter your payment details.

However, be aware of some restrictions like not being allowed to add more than 1,000 contacts and landing pages with a maximum of 1,000 visits.

You can pay for a monthly subscription for a GetResponse subscription, but you can enjoy reduced costs if you provide upfront payment for a long-term contract. You can save 18% if you enroll in a 12-month subscription or 30% if you purchase a 24-month plan.

You can select one of four plans suitable for growth-oriented companies, small businesses, and marketing pros based on the size of your list when you carry out a GetResponse payment.

The base-level GetResponse pricing starts at 1,000 subscribers, and bandwidth and services increase as subscribers rise.

GetResponse Free Plan:

GetResponse’s free plan has some restrictions, but it’s a decent selection for new businesses and marketers just getting started.

With GetResponse’s “Free-forever” package, you’ll get access to Respond’s 100+ templates, and you will be able to design beautiful newsletters with GetResponse’s intuitive visual editor.

Although you can send an unlimited number of emails free of charge, you’ll be unable to exceed the 500-subscriber limit.

You can make available other features with the free plan, including text messaging codes, HTML code, opt-in forms, pop-up windows, one website, and one landing page.

Most extra options offered with a paid subscription are unavailable to you for free users. Automatic responders, segmentation, and automation are locked behind the paid subscriptions. You can’t integrate with third-party apps, and there is no A/B testing.

If you’re a beginner at email marketing or setting up your website, GetResponse free plan may be a great choice. Still, you’ll have to contemplate upgrading to a premium plan as your business begins to grow.

getresponse pricing free trial

GetResponse Pricing: The Basic:

The four main pricing packages from GetResponse are grouped by how many “extra” features you have, in addition to autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, forms and surveys, Facebook ads, and so on.

If you only need the intro features, you can do so for the “Basic” package. Most people will want to upgrade to the “Plus” package to get ecommerce options, webinars, and sales funnels.

The four GetResponse pricing plans options are:
  • Basic: $15 per month for the first 1,000 subscribers for unlimited emails.
  • Plus: $49 per month for the first 1,000 subscribers.
  • Professional: $99 per month for the first 1,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise: $1,199 per month for the first lists exceeding 100,000 subscribers.

The pricing jump between Professional and Enterprise is 100 times higher, but when you divide subscribers in the Professional package by Enterprise subscribers, you will notice that you have much more value for your enterprise.

Enterprise also possesses a bulk of premium features that are especially suitable for larger companies.

Notably, the Enterprise plan’s final price quote depends on your requirements and list size. The best thing that you could do is contact GetResponse to find out more about what the quotes are going to do for you. This will allow you to describe your requirements directly to the team.


The Basic plan is a considerable step up from the free plan. You’ll find more than 100 responsive email templates and 2,000+ Zapier integrations, great for streamlining marketing tools.

This plan includes lead funnels that enable you to improve your prospecting efforts; however, it allows you to access only one sales funnel. If you’re looking for an automation tool or webinar solution, I recommend upgrading to the Business Plan.

Basic Plan Pricing:

Contacts Monthly Price Annual Price Price Per Year If Paid Annually (18% Discount) Cost Per Year If Paid Biennially (Every 2 Years With 30% Discount)




































GetResponse Pricing Plus:

The Plus plan includes all Basic features and a few bonus features. Build and managing GetResponse webinars are a perk, and you can host an unlimited number of live events with attendees.

You can also set automatic follow-up sequences for webinar attendees and follow up with them via social networks.

It comes with some limiting constraints, however. It can only allow users to create five funnel campaigns and five custom automated campaigns, and the small team size (just three users) may not have ample space for more companies.

If you need to create and create more automated campaigns and require a place for more customers, I recommend that you upgrade to a plan with a larger user limit.

Plus Plan Pricing:

Contacts Monthly Price Annual Price Price Per Year If Paid Annually (18% Discount) Cost Per Year If Paid Biennially (Every 2 Years With 30% Discount)




































GetResponse Pricing Professional:

You can effortlessly create unlimited funnels using the Professional plan. Webinars can only have up to 300 attendees, but you can accept payment for as well as record-paid webinars.

Moreover, on-demand webinars allow viewers to view the webinar at any time.

The Professional plan also has unlimited automation building, letting you design individualized workflows. This plan permits up to 5 team members.

With its higher capacity and personalized choices, the Professional plan would be ideal for mid-size companies with complex sales and marketing needs.

Professional Plan Pricing:

Contacts Monthly Price Annual Price Price Per Year If Paid Annually (18% Discount) Cost Per Year If Paid Biennially (Every 2 Years With 30% Discount)




































GetResponse Pricing Max:

The Max plan includes features from the Professional plan and additionally includes 500-person webinars and 10-person teams.

This service is differentiated from its rivals as a result of its one-on-one attention, a dedicated IP address, in addition to high-capacity pricing, reliable deliverability applications, and email campaigns.

There may be a requirement for a customized solution if you aim to participate in the corporate-level investment.

The Max plan would suit an organization that needs a portfolio of automation and funnels for large sales and marketing needs. However, if your company only has total automation and funnels, the Professional plan would be a better fit. The Max Plan will not provide enough value to justify its use for the average small to medium business.

Max Plan Pricing:

Note: You will need to contact GetResponse for custom pricing.

GetResponse Pricing: Verdict

The price you pay will depend on the size of your email list and the number of features you want to access. The system allows you to apply for extra features when you require them the most without paying for them in advance.

You can start by providing your prospective clients with the features that they find most valuable, and then you can adjust your price as your subscriber list grows.

Most people will likely use the Basic plan if you’re seeking a very simple means to cultivate your email marketing leads. However, after verifying that you are comfortable with its functions, you can move up to the Pro plans to total out the less complex feature sets.

There’s a notable difference between the Basic and the Essential programs when implementing eCommerce websites.

Even though the price of GetResponse isn’t the cheapest out there, it’s not the most expensive either. There is a free 30-day trial for every GetResponse pricing tier so that you can experiment to your heart’s content with that option.

It’s highly recommended that you try the free trial, even if you don’t want to spend a dime.

GetResponse Cancellation & Refund Policy:

If you’re considering buying an annual plan with the option to pause your subscription at any time if it doesn’t work out for you, I have bad news. GetResponse does not offer refunds or money-back guarantees.

If you sign up for an annual plan, you can’t get a refund whenever you want, but your monthly charge remains locked in.

If you’re not positive, you want to be committed for a time span longer than a year, and I recommend signing up for a rolling monthly payment schedule.

It had been very easy to cancel the GetResponse plan, and the process had not even taken a minute. I declined a few offers to keep my account open, and GetResponse informed me I’d lose my information immediately. I finished the cancellation process after reading a final email confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Use GetResponse For Free?

Yes, The ‘Getresponse Free’ plan gives you full access to the GetResponse cut-down version indefinitely. Alternatively, a fully-functional thirty-day free trial is available for this plan (this can be used as long as your list contains up to 1,000 subscribers).

How Much Does GetResponse Cost?

GetResponse costs at least $15/month for up to 1,000 contacts. The more you grow your contacts or opt for higher plans, the costlier the response becomes.

Is GetResponse Easy to Use?

Of course, yes, without some options. The landing page builder is not very easy to use because it has too many features, which can be confusing for beginners.
The form designer is also not very easy to use because it lacks some basic functionalities, such as conditional logic and form validation.

Can I Cancel My Account?

There are no contracts necessary with GetResponse, so you can discontinue your monthly subscription by visiting the Billing page and clicking “Cancel Subscription.” All your information will be erased upon canceling a GetResponse account, so be mindful.

Can You Get a Refund From GetResponse?

GetResponse is a pay-as-you-go service. Consequently, you will not have a refund if you cancel after the first day of the month.

All fees that were initially charged to your account during the initial billing cycle will not be refunded, but additional fees will not be deducted as well.

How Do Paid Webinars Work?

GetResponse offers exclusive paid webinars to anyone who prepays. These are the only presentations available when integrating the Professional GetResponse plan into your webinar setup.

How Does The Enterprise Option Work?

GetResponse always strives to provide you with a truly custom and individualized plan, so when you contact the customer service team, they’ll create a custom Enterprise bundle according to your specification.

Because of this, the prices that you’ll see on those pages are not always the Enterprise bundle’s exact price.

Final Words:

Now, let’s final words this GetResponse pricing review.

Based on the GetResponse pricing and features of its above-described options, it’s easy to see why GetResponse remains one of the most popular email marketing vendors on the market.

It’s hard to beat its automation and email marketing tools for the users. It’s also available in a variety of formats for both print and digital marketing.

GetResponse is one of the most popular choices of all time for building an audience and converting them into buyers. You can sign up for a free within 30 days trial so that you can get an idea of how it works.

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