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AI Article Writer Jasper Review:

Hello Guys, I think content writing is not an easy task, and those who do it know it well. But today, I will review Jasper AI (formerly the best AI Article Writer. It changed my life as a blogger, and if you are a blogger, I think it will change your life also.

You may need to create an ad on Facebook or write an email for email marketing, or you may need to post an entire blog for your blog site. You would think that there would be something that would make your job very easy without your writer.

You are lucky to have a tool now ready to meet all your needs.

He is none other than Jasper AI (formerly Jasper is one of the best copywriting tools and works well as your writing assistant. It uses GTP-3 based artificial intelligence technology to create different Content according to your needs automatically.

Below is a two-minute quick video so you can learn about its overview.

Jasper AI is a robot taking the world to another level because now any kind of writing can be done at the speed of a storm which is unbelievable.

I am a Happy Jasper customer. I use the service to do my business blog posts, social media posts, marketing emails, and all kinds of writing work through Jasper.

However, to prove just how great Jasper is, you have to look at the article in front of you because Jasper writes it.

What is Jasper AI Article Writer?

Jasper Ai article writer is a complete copywriting tool that enables artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically create fantastic copies for your articles, landing page posts, social media posts, ad posts, marketing emails, and much more, which is five times faster than a human writer.

And not to mention the cost, you know how much a Human writer has to pay.

Jasper AI is number one and trusted among the best copywriting tools on the market right now because it has 5-star reviews from over 2500+ review sites. Its writing quality is so good that expert marketers and copywriters prove it to create the highest quality AI content.

Here's a Two-minute video showing how Jasper AI works.

Who is Jasper?

Jasper is a copywriting robot created by Team, a friendly copywriter robot.

Jasper is an excellent copywriting machine. This friend works 100 percent 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never stops working.

Who should use Jasper AI Article Writer?


I am an affiliate blogger. I want organic traffic to my website to come from Google every day. Let them come to my site and read the article. They will come to my site from Google only when my site is in the number 1 position on the fast page of Google. And I need a big article for the number one position, and I need to do SEO within that article. And if you’re an affiliate blogger like me, you should have in your arsenal. Using its boss mode, you can easily optimize the SEO of your article, and from Google, you will be able to bring a minimum of 500 to 1000 more visitors to your site every day.


If you’re a digital marketing expert, you have to accept that has 12+ copywriting templates suitable for you to write any kind of advertisement. There is also a copywriting and email marketing facility for social media.


If you want to be a professional entrepreneur, Jasper can help you grow your business a lot. Herewith 50+ copywriting templates, you will find many more templates that you can use to create attractive copywriting for your customers.


If you are the owner of an agency, then, of course, you do different kinds of work for your clients. You need unique content for this work, like creating sales panels, creating landing pages, social media posts. So why not hire Jasper as your AI assistant? Because it can work as fast as it costs and much less.

How does Jasper AI Article Writer work?

If I were to say how Jasper works, in a word, it could use GPT-3 Technology and Artificial Intelligence to create instant copy for instant blog posts, social media ads posts, marketing emails, and much more. Anyone quickly reads a copy made by Jasper.

Sounds pretty hard, so friends?
Don’t worry; it’s really easy to use. Anyone can use it to create their desired Content in a matter of seconds.

You can understand by following the steps below.

Step 1: First Choose a Jasper Template (Skill)

There are currently more than 50+ contact templates in the world called skills. First, you choose the template of your choice. You can read each template and know what it does. Once you have selected the template, you go to the second step.

AI Article Writer Jasper templates
Get 10,000 Word Jasper Free Trial

Step 2: Input Your Product Data:

As I mentioned earlier, Jasper Ai article writer has more than 50+ templates, so it is impossible to describe them. So I’m going to show one to easily learn it.

Suppose we want to sell a product, then let’s create a product description for the product details we want to sell.

Since I had to choose a template, I scrolled through the various templates and chose a template Facebook Ad primary text.

Then there are three boxes where I have to provide some necessary data.

I have to write the name of the company/product description I want to give.

Provide a description of your product or company. Here you will find the details of the maximum of six hundred words. Remember that the more information Jasper can give, the better the output will be.

This part is very important here; you need to set the tone of voice. The tone of voice means what kind of writing you want. For example, do you want to get excited? Educational? Convincing? Informative? You have to select the type you want.

When you have completed all steps, you move on to step number three.

Step 3: Generate AI Content:

Click the “Create AI Content Button. Jasper will take a few seconds to work, then Eureka! You can see that your Content has been generated.

All your generated Content will be automatically saved in the history tab inside Jasper AI.

What type of content templates does Jasper AI offer?

Another great advantage of using is that it offers a lot of templates that make your work much easier.

Below I have given the names of some essential templates.

Long-form assistant:
AI Article Writer Jasper facebook ads template
Get 10,000 Word Jasper Free Trial

Jasper helps you write long-form blog posts, images, stories, scripts, and various books. The Long Form Blogpost feature is only available on the Boss Mode plan. I use Boss Mode Plan to write all the articles on this site.

PAS Framework:

This Full From is “Problem-Agitate-Solution” This framework is so beautiful that it is one of the best for any new copywriting.

Content improver:

Take a topic and use it to make it better, more beautiful, and more enjoyable.

Product description:

You can easily use it to write descriptions of any type of product.

Blog Post Topic Ideas:

If you do not get the idea of a new blog post, you can use it. Here you will find ideas that will engage your readers and help them rank on Google.

Blog Post Intro and Conclusion:

This will allow you to write such a beautiful intro and Conclusion for your blog post that anyone who sees it will become your fan.

Creative Story:

You can also write many beautiful stories with its help; many people will come to your site to read them.

Sentence Expander:

You can easily convert short sentences into long sentences.

Facebook ad headline:

More clicks mean more sales. You can create attractive headlines through it, increasing your sales a lot.

Facebook ad primary text:

You can use this section for High Converting Copy.

Google ads headline:

You can create attractive Google ads headlines through it, increasing your click and sales a lot.

Google ads description:

You can use this section for High Converting Google ads description Copy.

Google My Business – What's New Post:

You can create updates / new posts for Google My Business.

Google My Business – Event Post:

You can also post events for Google My Business.

Google My Business – Product Description:

You can create product descriptions for your Google My Business very well.

Google My Business – Offer Post:

You can create the best offer post of Google My Business.

Amazon product features (bullets):

Create product features in the form of bullet points for your Amazon business.

Amazon product description (paragraph):

You can create detailed descriptions of your Amazon products through it.

Perfect Headline:

Like the best copywriters in the world, you can create any kind of headline you want.

Website sub-headline:

With this, you can easily create the sub-headings of your website adequately.

Photo post captions:

We know how much we have to think about the caption of a photo post. You can use it to create the best photo captions. Testimonial Helper:

You can use this section to create any type of testimonial.

Video Topic Ideas:

Want to create videos for your business? But you can’t get an idea of ​​any topic? Using this section, you can get ideas on many beautiful topics.

Video Script Outline:

You can use it to write any type of script for your video.

Video Titles:

You can use this section to write engaging video titles.

Video Script Hook and Introduction:

You can use this section to write eye-catching intros of videos.

Video Description – YouTube:

We know how much a video description helps rank a video on YouTube. You can make excellent video descriptions with it.

Review Responder:

Want to write an excellent review? Through this section, you can write Professional Delightful’ Review.

Personalized Cold Emails:

You can write any type of cold email through it, through which it is very easy to get a response.

Email Subject Lines:

Thinking about the subject line when writing an email? With it, you can easily create a subject line.

SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions:

You can quickly and easily write high-quality and dazzling SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions.

SEO – Homepage – Title and Meta Descriptions:

With it, you can describe an SEO meta of your home, which will make Google ranking very easy.

SEO – Product Page Title and Meta Descriptions:

You can write a product page meta description with it.

SEO – Services Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions:

If you are a service provider, you must have a service page. You can easily create SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for your page.

Company Bio:

This will allow you to create a company bio.

Personal Bio:

You can easily create your bio with it.

Pinterest Pin Title & Description:

You can easily create Pinterest PINs and titles and descriptions, which will significantly increase your engagement traffic and reach.

Engaging Questions:

You can ask interesting questions to your audience, which will increase the creativity of your audience.

Text Summarizer:

You can summarize any text through it.

Whatever the type of business you run, be it a WordPress blog or a YouTube channel, or any kind of Content, Jasper Content is available in all kinds of templates.

Jasper AI Best Examples and Demos

Since I’m reviewing Jasper Ai, I will show you some of my favorite best Jasper templates to better understand by looking at real examples.

Personal Bio

Jasper’s Personal Bio Template is a great template. With it, you can quickly write your LinkedIn profile, resume, and any kind of “About the Author section” bio.

You need to set up Jasper and provide it with some input, and Eureka! will be displayed. Your bio is ready in a few seconds.

Personal Bio Input: I gave Jasper some input about me, like my name, educational qualifications, or what I do, then set the tone of voice, and then, boom !!
My bio is ready 😀

In the same way, you can create your email, any kind of blog post, everything. You will have more fun when you try it yourself.

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Let me give you an idea about boss mode. Jasper boss mode is the highest offer by which you can be a boss in content writing. When you unlock this plan, you will get the help of a Long-Form Assistant. Through which, you can write big blog posts, big emails, and a big book.

It is a game-changer tool in the world of copywriting. In the world market, it is called Copywriting King.

AI Article Writer jasper boos mode
Get 10,000 Word Jasper Free Trial

Below is what Jasper Boss Mode offers:

Write Content up to 5x Faster:

You can write Content five times faster with Jasper Boss mode.

Unlocked Compose Button:

The compose button Runs as you want. More not need to write your own words in between each run anymore.

Run Jasper "Long-Form Assistant":

Jasper “Long-Form Assistant” lets you take back control in small doses. You must type words yourself before the “Compose” button is enabled again; in “Boss Mode,” however, there are no restrictions.

Increased Jasper Visibility:

The Starter Plan only allows you to read up to 600 characters, whereas the Advanced Plan allows you to read up to 2,000-3,000 characters.

Write Jasper Commands:

Write commands to tell Jasper what to create and then watch him work his magic.

Grammarly Built Into Editor:

Rest assured that Jasper AI can handle writing in perfect grammar, thanks to the free Grammarly plugin we’ve integrated with the editing tool. Your work will be error-free and professional.

Jasper Plagiarism Checker:

Copyscape is a superior plagiarism checker, and you can run it with the Jasper editor. However, it does cost an extra amount of credits, although it’s reasonably priced. Even though Copyscape checks for plagiarized Content, some people may still want to check using it just in case.

How does Jasper Boss Mode work?

Open the Long-Form Editor.

Write a command to Jasper:

“Hey Jasper, please write a paragraph about digital marketing.”

See Jasper write Content:

Witness the tremendous power of Jasper as it smoothly fulfills your command and produces professional-quality output in mere seconds.

For Boss Mode, the Jasper Commands cheat sheet lists a number of available commands for which you can ask.

Jasper AI Pricing - How much does Jasper AI pricing cost?

Jasper AI offers two pricing plans that would be appropriate for your needs – The Starter and the Boss Mode.

At what monthly rate does Jasper Ai article writer cost? The Starter plan is $29/month, and it gives you access to 20,000 words each month as well as all short-form copywriting templates. The $59/month Boss Mode plan allows for 50,000 words and access to write-anywhere transcription assistance for writing full-length blog posts.

Let us examine a table summarizing the features found inside each of the Jasper AI pricing bundles.

AI Article Writer jasper-pricing-plan
Get 10,000 Word Jasper Free Trial

*Prices may either vary depending on taxes and purchasers account for.

If you plan to purchase Jasper for an entire year, you can benefit from getting two months completely free of, which will save a minimum of $120 on the cost of Boss Mode’s full plan or up to hundreds of dollars depending on how many words you type. I ordered Jasper’s complete package for an entire year as soon as the device demonstrated what it could do.

You can try free of charge for five days if you sign up on its website. You get 10,000 additional words added to your account when you join up today as an added bonus. offers both monthly and annual pricing plans. Although Jasper AI offers many affordable pricing plans, each option remains relevant regardless of your price range.

Support Section

The Jasper Ai article writer software is very inventive, but it is also remarkable that it’s supported by friendly and easily accessible customer service if you have any questions.

I have contacted Jasper’s technical support team several times already, and our conversations are always brief: it takes around 20 minutes just for them to respond to an email.

Just email Jasper AI support directly at

Final Words:

Yes, Jasper Ai Article Writer is worth the price. The AI that Jasper produces is high-quality and will help you get more content creation done for a lot less time than you’d normally spend.

Another advantage of using Jasper is that you don’t have to pay as much as specialist copywriters because using Jasper helps you avoid those expensive professionals.

I used for both plans, so I highly recommend that you purchase the Boss Mode plan that unlocks the role of the long-form command and grants you access to Jasper Commands for quickly creating epic blogs posts, marketing emails, or books.

I’m currently using’s Boss Mode to construct a blog and have enjoyed my purchase. Please feel free to check out the Jasper Boss Mode tutorial, which you will take from a Jasper beginner to a Jasper expert in no time.

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